Sr. Community Moderator (Community Manager)


Irving, TX, USA Remote

Full time

Community Marketing


Sep 11

Gartner Peer Community is a platform for the world’s most influential network of business leaders to share Q&A posts, polls, and altogether interact with each other in an environment that prioritizes the discussion of key issues and critical business decisions. This is a unique opportunity for a systematic, creative, and motivated individual to make a big impact by growing, strengthening relationships, and driving constructive engagement as part of the Gartner Peer Community group.

We are looking for someone who advances relationships with specific Ambassador users of Gartner Peer Community from passive user to fully engaged usership. Identifies the primary allies in this cohort to establish our “first call” for new community strengthening ventures, evangelizes and motivates participation in the platform. Leads mid-stage (post-recruitment) community development efforts for 2-3 dedicated GPC communities, recruiting power-users and ideating ways to accelerate engagement.

This role focuses on:

  • Serves as the subject matter expert of the GPC communities and its users
  • Manages the strategically targeted recruitment of “Ambassadors” (aka power users)
  • Launches new plans for relationship development and enhancement with existing Ambassadors
  • Assesses the need for program expansion
  • Identifies and “sells” into the most desired candidates
  • Analyzes existing Ambassador program effectiveness and creates roadmaps to deepen their engagement
  • Produces demos and onboarding resources which support new enterprise leaders in Ambassadorship
  • Builds new outlets for 1:1 and group “Ambassador” promotions.
  • Generates additional platform activity by cohort through newsletters, webinars, meetups, securing references and case studies, facilitating networking between active Ambassadors
  • Manages platform activity and partners with leadership to articulate trending content, participation, and coordinates
  • Dissects, analyzes, and interprets user feedback and to help inform product/content direction
  • Enhances GPC presence within industry groups, content creation by influencers.
  • Evangelist of GPC as an executive decision making tool.

This role is a great fit for you if you have:

  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's or Advanced Certifications preferred
  • 3+ years of professional experience
  • 2+ years experience of community management and building, with a preference for the technology landscape
  • Proven experience activating on social trends which increase exposure of the Gartner Peer Community
  • Solid working knowledge and use of social media platforms and social channels (including formats, algorithms, content best practices), CRM, project management software, presentation (PowerPoint).

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